Rooms and prices in the Resort

For your holiday in the Hochtaunus in Hessen

The resort provides 170 beds.

The residential facilities range from apartments to single and double rooms.

In the apartments there is a living room and several bedrooms with 2-4-bed rooms. Attached to each room or apartment there is at least one bathroom. In addition there are rooms and apartments with disability access designed for people with special needs.

2-bed room
2-bed appartement
4-bed appartement
6-bed appartement
8-bed appartement

double room

up from 56,00* net
  • per adult/day in a double room
  • prices for conference packages on request

by single use

up from 69,00*net
  • per adult/day in a single room
  • prices for conference packages on request

young person

  • per young person/day (11-16 yrs)


  • per child/day (6-10yrs)


  • per child (3-5 yrs)

*Net prices without VAT, full board

Bedclothes and towels for rent per person 8,00 €
(12,00€ for made-up beds)

The price list is for full board without VAT and includes the bed and breakfast (double room), 3-course lunch and a buffet supper. VAT is required by groups which are not supported by the charitable, non-profit or church-connected aims of the evangelical free church Erholungswerk (recreational organization)

Further prices on request

If you should have forgotten things you need for your holiday such as bedclothes, towels, hair dryer, toothbrush , shampoo/shower gel or similar, please enquire at the reception desk. Here you can acquire some of the things you may need or borrow them for a fee.

This area is provided in an accessible, central place at the Holiday Resort.

rooms and apartments at the Holiday Resort

Information concerning your stay in the rooms and apartments

In the following we would like to help you finding your way around the house and how everything works.

  • the furniture in the apartments must remain in the apartments. Do not take them out on the terraces or balconies!
  • Please do not hang wet bathing-suits and towels over the armchairs or chairs in the rooms. Please use the drying stand provided. If this should be missing, please contact the reception desk.
  • do not walk on the flat rooves- this could spoil the sensitive surface!
  • to avoid any complications, please report any damage seen on arrival immediately at the reception desk.
  • please remove the sheets on departure (departure by 9 a.m.).

If you should need some gadget, please ask at the reception desk and you can hire if available (e.g. kettle, hair-dryer ,etc.)

Yours beds will be prepared as requested. If anything should be missing or if you need added bedding, please contact the reception desk.
Here you can order extra bedding for a fee. (8.00€)

If you wish to post a postcard (obtainable at the reception desk) or letter you may hand it over to us or post it to the letter-box near the entrance. There is a collection daily at 9 a.m.

The nearest supermarket is REWE in Schmitten. It is advisable to go by car, can however also be reached on foot or by bus.
If you need to know the way or the bus times, simply ask at the reception desk.

The reading corner is on the upper floor of the entrance hall. Interesting books and magazines are provided.

As a rule the lunch packets should be pre-ordered. If you wish to have a lunch packet at short notice, please order it at least a day before at the reception desk. The rolls needed for the lunch packet can be prepared by the groups at the breakfast table. It consists of rolls, a salty brezel-type roll with butter, fruit, a drink and something sweet.

Please be considerate to other guests who may like to go to bed earlier than you. We like to remind groups that it can be helpful to talk or play behind closed doors late in the evening. Thank you for being considerate!

On the stairs of the apartment houses and in the main building (Edwin-Brandt-House) you will find cupboards with cleaning equipment. You may use these for a cleaning session in between.

Please observe that the premises are non-smoking throughout. Smoking in the rooms and meeting rooms is not allowed. You will find ashtrays in the entrance hall and in the inner courtyard.

We would ask you to pay your bill either during your stay with us or at the end of it. It saves us quite a lot of administration-if you have any questions please feel free to ask our staff at the reception desk.

Opening hours 9.30 a.m.-10p.m. For the house guests the swimming pool is free of cost. For entry you may receive a code from the reception desk. We charge for the use of the sauna, reduced for house guests. Information at the reception desk.

Breakfast 8-9.30 a.m.
Lunch: 12.30
Dinner: 6.30-7.30 p.m.

Opening hours (as a rule) from 9.30 a.m. to 12 a.m. (Please no disturbance from 11 p.m.)
Here there is a wide selection of drinks available. In the self-service area, please enter your drinks in the list provided and pay at the end of your stay at the reception desk.

You may rent a telephone for your room.

If you wish to use the washing machine, please notify the reception desk (Fee:€ 5,00)

You will find surplus warm blankets in the cupboard of your room.

You may obtain the WIFI codes for either 1,3,or 7 days at the reception at a minimal cost. Free WIFI at the foyer.

Please vacate your rooms (including the sheets removed) by 9 a.m. on day of departure. Please return your room key on day of departure at the reception desk. Thank you!