A project becomes reality

The beginnings of the Dorfweil Holiday Resort

“In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost we place this stone on this day of the “Richtfest” (the day of celebration when the roof is on the house), Saturday the 11th.October 1969 into the building of the Dorfweil Family Holiday Resort as a reminder that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of this enterprise”

reads one of the founders, Pastor Edwin Brandt, on a chilly Sunday morning during the celebration in the autumn of 1969 of the deed documenting the laying of the foundation stone.

A bold dream had come true. Thanks to a generous inheritance and support from the Federal German Republic and the States of Hessen and the Rhein Palatinate- in contrast to the general attitude of most organizations at that time – the Family Holiday Resort could be founded. Evangelical free churches from Frankfurt and the nearby Rhein area had discovered this location. This is where people should find inspiration and restful recreation.

It should be a place for new experiences, new decisions and encounters with other people and with God. A place for families where young and old should come together and be inspired while enjoying fellowship as a contrast to the bustle of the so-called economic miracle . This is where families which still had many children and young people could come together and be encouraged and invigorated for their everyday life at home. A society was founded and courageous men and women, who, due to their Christian commitment through donations and deeds, worked together for the good of others and fulfilled this dream. The document which still hangs in the director’s office reminds us of this day which witnessed the beginning of a new establishment for social welfare of the Union of Evangelical Free Churches of Germany.


Some Things changed, until today…
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