Walking holidays

Walking holidays in the Hochtaunus (Hessen)

This is an absolute paradise for walkers

The Holiday Resort is situated at the heart of the Hochtaunus in Schmitten with its invigorating air and panoramic views. There are 1.240km. of hiking trails which start right at our doorstep. There are many camping sites,barbecue sites and pleasant meadows on the way when you need a rest. Discover the wonderful scenery of natural surroundings of imposing hills and wide valleys. On the way there are many sights worth seeing.

Offers for a walking holiday in the Taunus

The Holiday Resort has special offers at regular intervals for your walking holiday in the Hochtaunus.
Ask us about guided tours!

The Weil valley bus

Have a ride by bus and bike! If you wish to ease your ride by using public transport, you can use the Weil valley bus which also takes your bike.

It has been proved that walking is good for you- it has a positive effect on your mental and physical health.

A few advantages of walking: it has a positive effect on your circulatory system, it improves your metabolism, you lose weight, improves your neurophysical situation, helps your system to get more oxygen, reduces the danger of thrombosis, lowers your blood sugar and cholesterol, lowers your blood pressure and regulates your pulse,and much more.

Other positive effects of walking are improved well-being and better sleep.

The Holiday Resort is an ideal starting point for exploring nature. Our staff will recommend certain trails and routes and we also offer guided walks.

Walking in 2000 year-old cultural scenery:
Pure joy for enthusiastic walkers and a good experience for the whole family!