Group holidays in the Taunus, Hessen

Experiencing a time together as a group

It’s more fun in a group! Whether you are here as a family or at a conference, church outing or seminar, you are here to enjoy each other’s company.

Spending time with other people, chatting, supporting and listening to each other, paying attention to what the other is saying- these are all experiences which help you to belong to the group and are enriching. Whether you are involved in sporting activities offered in the grounds of the Resort or perhaps take part in a dance course, joining in does you good.

Relationships need to be nurtured, for example, by celebrating together. We are there to support you as you prepare for a special occasion. We are there to prepare this special event with you and create a suitable surrounding for the celebration. Relationships are also intensified while learning together and exchanging views at conferences and seminars. Well-equipped rooms can be booked for seminars or workshop. Teaching modules can be carried out at our low-rope course, suitable for team training for schools and other training groups.

Coaching for groups in the Taunus:

We are pleased to help you and your team with individual and group coaching or with supervision of leadership and communication work.