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Schmitten with its invigorating air

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Sights in the Hochtaunus

The great Feldberg

The Taunus’ highest mounain, the Great Feldberg, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, who for the most part come from the Rhein-Main area. In Oberreifenberg you will find ski lifts for skiing and sledding. The main attraction is, of course, the breathtaking beauty of the Taunus and all the well cared-for hiking trails.


The observation tower at the top of the 663m. high Pferdskopf near Treisberg offers a magnificent view over the Taunus and is the goal for many excursions. On a sunny day people enjoy an outing to the little “mountain village” of Treisberg for a coffee, and in winter the white beauty of the snow attracts people with sleds.

Excursions around the Holiday Resort

In the vicinity of the Holiday Resort you will find many interesting places to visit, such as the Hessenpark, the amusement park Lochmühle, in Wehrheim, the Roman fortress Saalburg, the OPEL Zoo in Kronberg, the wildlife nature park in Weilburg.

The Hochtaunus Nature Park

A Dream for Hiking and Nature Lovers

Only 30km. away from the city of Frankfurt lies the second largest nature park of Hessen which covers 134.775ha- the Hochtaunus Nature Park

1.240 km Wanderwege können mit geführten Wanderungen oder auf eigene Faust entdeckt werden. Empfehlenswert hierzu ist das Buch „Wandern im Naturpark Hochtaunus“ mit 20 Routenempfehlungen und vielen Tipps. Zahlreiche Zelt-, Grillplätze und Liegewiesen laden im Naturpark Hochtaunus zur Erholung in der Natur ein. Auch für die sportlichen Besucher bietet der Naturpark Hochtaunus zu jeder Jahreszeit beste Voraussetzungen.

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PEDELEC – Cycling with the electric bike through the Taunus

A pedelec is an electrically driven cycle which you yourself ride and which is supported by refined technique
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Sights worth seeing in the Hochtaunus

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