Body & Soul

Faith inclusive

The Dorfweil Holiday Resort in the Taunus is a Christian house

This is a house with a Christian background and we know how important faith is. It is good to know that we are not alone in our walk of life. We believe that life only makes sense in a relationship to God, who revealed himself in Jesus Christ, who was wholly dedicated to mankind.

Perhaps you are seeking a chance to encounter God. Or you are longing for a chance to talk about things in your life or about a particularly difficult situation. Our team is there for you and will lend you an ear and give personal and pastoral counselling. The devotional times and talks about the faith will raise questions and you will be able to exchange views and experiences with others, enjoying the company of other believers and an atmosphere of spirituality.

Our faith tells us to welcome each single person and we are reminded of this in a house based on the Christian faith.

Make advantage of all that is offered – we hope it will enhance your “baggage”!

Christian retreats in Hessen
As a Christian house with accommodation suitable for groups, this is an ideal venue for church holidays and, for example, confirmation camps, etc.

Art and spirituality
“I rejoice in being close to God!”

This is the title the artist Renate Menneke, who works in a studio at the ecumenical Jesus-Brotherhood in Gnadenthal gave for a course in acryl painting. We at the Dorfweil Holiday Resort look forward to future interaction with this artist, who expresses her personal faith in her artwork. Her workshops are an inspiration and she gives ideas of how one can continue at home using simple materials and discover how art can enhance and enrich one’s life.