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Enjoying a bit of luxury on your holiday

Enjoying your holiday in the Taunus

Rest and nature

Working hard is not your only goal in life- to do something which you’ve always wanted to do and enjoy it to the full is vitally important. The scenery around the Holiday Resort offers you pleasure and enjoyment. Here the air is fresh and unspoilt, sometimes spiced with the scent of a crackling campfire and a premonition of a tasty barbecue. Imagine enjoying the experience of collecting firewood in the nearby forest, something you do not necessarily experience in everyday life!

A delicious buffet catering for all your diverse requirements awaits you in the dining hall (vegetarian, special diets, etc.) Enjoy the wonderful view from the panoramic window as you dine. The beautiful surroundings help you to learn to listen again- the sound of birds early in the morning together with the rustling sound of trees in the forest. And in the autumn you might hear animal noises which you would never hear in the city.

Running barefoot through the grass, smelling and tasting, swimming-pool and sauna-perhaps a massage? In Dorfweil you can enjoy and experience something for every aspect of your being!